Artefacts Solutions: Streamlining Operations with Integrated Payment Solution

CIO Vendor Rapidly evolving technologies are reshaping customer expectations, experiences and how business is operated. A gradual adoption of various payment solutions is being witnessed as payment processes are connected with ERP, accounting and other business solutions to reduce time, streamline operations and minimize labour costs. To stay ahead of the curve, there has been an escalation in the demand by SMBs for a simple but comprehensive integrated payment solution. These integrated payment solutions should encompass the capabilities such as the ability to view all payment transactions in real time, from one place, and a secure platform. Catering to the niche SMB segment is Bangalore located Artefacts Solutions with their novel end-to- end integrated product SnappHub. “SnappHub brings a unique advantage of bringing Integrated Payments and an Integrated App Hub under one umbrella,” adds Rajil Vohra, CEO of Artefacts Solutions and a veteran with close to two decades of industry rich experience in managing businesses, business development, sales and marketing in the information technology, medical devices and consumer products industry.

The product is a cloud-based platform that seamlessly integrates payments and SMB business. Additionally, it assists an SMB to amalgamate all their needs onto a single platform, a single dashboard for viewing thereby assisting in streamlining the business operations. The robust and feature-rich product helps automate the total back-office needs of a business. “With a set of simple APIs, a business can automate all their back office needs in a single platform right from payment gateway to CRM, Accounting, HR, Payroll, Inventory tracking and so on,”informs Rajil.

With the adoption of payment solutions, there has been an influx of
data that can be prone to data breaches leading to customer inhibitions towards adopting such solutions. Spearheading this challenge Artefacts Solutions’ skilled team of professionals tokenizes payment processing end -to-end in order to avoid exposure from fraudsters. The tokenized infrastructure follows payment card industry’s highest standards - PCI DSS 3.2. Furthermore, the solution has built-in fraud controls to prevent charge backs.

SnappHub brings a unique advantage of bringing Integrated Payments and an Integrated AppHub under one umbrella

While one may focus on customer acquisitions, the acquired merchants need to be converted into a loyal customer base as well. The retention apps help service the acquired merchants in an efficient manner. The system helps merchant track suspicious transactions before settlement. The comprehensive ticketing systems work around managing all merchant's queries/problems by assigning the numbered ticket to the respective rep. The status of the tickets raised can be reviewed at multiple levels through the built-in role -based hierarchy. Rajil reveals, "The residual payout is a flagship product that handles payout calculations based on settlement preferences, agents, banks, sales reps with unlimited hierarchy for splits. The ticketing system and residual payouts work on a seamless Hub-n-Spoke model."

Continually striving to attain a leadership position in this domain and gearing themselves with trending technologies, Artefacts Solutions envisions launching a "Ready-to-Go" platform that will reduce the implementation cycle that is scheduled for a release by the second half of 2018.