Camp Card Solutions: Bolstering Payments and Corporate HR Functions with Smart Cards

CIO VendorMani Shanker Jha,
Contactless technology has ramped up in the global payment landscape owing to convenience, flexibility, and security. Nowadays, it is becoming prevalent in the corporate enclave too. However, whether it is for on the go payments or corporate human resource(HR)functions, smart card technology providers must ensure a payment system that has no down time as well as a guaranteed transaction authorization time. Mumbai headquartered Camp Card Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is one such solution provider who makes its mark in the contactless smart card-based on-the-go payment systems. It facilitates a payment system with guaranteed transaction authorization time of one second. It is a one-stop technology solution provider for all types of closed-loop payments. "Camp Card Solutions introduced contactless payments on wireless devices in 2009 when it was almost unheard in India. Today, we are a one-stop-shop who renders entire suite of products for HR functions in the corporates namely Time and Attendance Management Systems, Card Printing setup, Visitor Management System, Contract Staff Enrolment and Monitoring system, Payroll processing, HRMS, Compliance software, Manpower outsourcing and e-gifting etc.,” evinces Mani Shanker Jha, Co-founder & Director of Camp Card Solutions Pvt. Ltd. The company delivers a repertoire of products including Smart Meal Card, eGift Coupon, and Gift and Loyalty Card to name a few.

Handling the huge crowd that pours into canteen during lunch hours and serving them without any delay, is a daunting task for caterers and merchants in a company canteen. In such a scenario, the speed of both transaction authorization and service plays a significant role. There fore, Camp Card Solutions brings out its Smart Meal Card as a game changer which helps authorize transactions in less than a second even when the servers or telecom connectivity is down. This
pocket-sized device can be used both in Prepaid and Post-paid mode. Additionally, Smart Meal Card can be integrated as a single campus card with multiple usages. “Our Smart Meal Card helps companies eliminate paper vouchers/coupons and attain advantages such as significant savings, transparency and convenience in managing company canteen payments,” opines Mani Shanker Jha.

We provide small retailers with cloud-based loyalty software which can be used with minimal investments. In addition, they do not need to invest in IT/loyalty professionals

In today's business landscape, large retail businesses are capable to run customer loyalty programs effectively; however, small retailers endeavor to stay away from expensive IT investments. This is where Camp Card Solutions helps small retailers launch their own store prepaid card without investing in expensive IT infrastructure and manpower. “We provide small retailers with cloud-based loyalty software which can be used with minimal investments. In addition, they do not need to invest in IT/loyalty professionals” unveils Mani Shanker Jha. Besides, Camp Card Solutions caters eGift coupon which aids companies to manage their Incentive/Rewards and Recognition Programs online. Its eGift coupon provides freedom of choice to corporates and employee/channel partners.

Though Camp Card Solutions has developed various biometric based systems for manpower identification and tracking, now it is all set to work with largest corporate in India to design and develop systems for campus security.