Evolis: Providing Customized Card Solution with Best Quality, Performance and Price

CIO Vendor Smart cards industry is expected to reach USD 14.1 billion by 2023 despite the increasing use of smart phones and the disruption brought by virtualization. Smart phones have proliferated in the market making a way for virtualized mobile credentials, which has created a smart card vs. smart phone debate. However, the experts believe that both are here to stay with their own distinct benefits. Ganesh Ramamurthy, Managing Director, Evolis Card Printer India Pvt. Ltd. is of the same view. He acknowledges the growing trend towards digitalization, and believes mobile credentials to be complementary to the existing system. Commenting on Evolis’vision on smart card printing solution, he says, “As the demand for cost-effective and customized access control solutions continue to increase, this will only serve to cement Evolis’ prominent growth and place in the Indian Market”.

Evolis has been operating its business in India as a specialized card printer distributor for past ten years now. Evolis’ solutions start with entry level card printers distributed via IT office channels. The company offers mid-segment products and solutions up to tailor-made upgradable machines capable of printing high volumes of cards. It also includes advanced encoding technologies, lamination, holograms and many more security features. Evolis has been catering to the needs of Governments for all types of official ID cards, the banking sector for all types of debit and credit cards, education for student cards and access control badges for the personnel. Commenting on the specialized services the company offers to its clients, Ramamurthy says, “We have a specialized projects team, who are the perfect partners for centralized or decentralized card issuance projects. We thoroughly examine all your requests, even the most atypical systems, for large scale projects in the identification, security, transportation, government, banking or retail sector. The firm’s over-all mission is to make card printing available to every organization with the best quality and performance over price ratio.”

Companies look out for vendors who can take care of the integration needs. “Evolis’ systems are designed to be integrated into various IT
systems of system integrators. Our range consists of products that can be upgraded depending on the evolution of a project. Our industrial flexibility to adapt our solutions to customer needs in record time is widely recognized,” adds Ramamurthy.

Evolis designs, manufactures,and markets a comprehensive range of plastic card personalization solutions. The company employs more than 380 people and markets its solutions in 140 countries across the world

Card Security being the key concern for enterprises and individuals, Evolis takes adequate measures to address the needs with updated security mechanism.

“To obtain highest security level, we propose laser engraving technology with our system CORE. CORE is unique in the card printer market, as our system is the only one which uses the Direct-to-card technology combined with laser engraving. Avansia from Evolis, also strengthens our Security range of printers. Based on the Retransfer technology, Avansia is extremely ro-bust and provides high security card issuance,” explains Ramamurthy. Additionally, the company has launched a lamination module designed to connect to the Evolis card printer Primacy through infrared.

Based in Angers (France) with subsidiaries in Miami and Boston (United States), Mumbai (India), Tokyo (Japan), Singapore and Shanghai (China), Evolis is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange (Euronext Growth) and report-ed revenue of €80 million in 2017. Evolis’ vision for the coming years is to lead the company to a fully integrated international group focusing on its diversification strategy. “Our aim is to lead Evolis from a 100% printing system manufacturer towards a provider of integrated solutions for the identification of people and goods” concludes Ganesh Ramamurthy.