MatchMove Pay: Strengthening Digital Payments with Next-Generation Mobile Payment Solutions

Kumar Srinivasan & CEO
The Mobile Payments industry in India has been on a rapid growth trajectory with the country’s mobile wallet market projected to reach USD 6.6 billion by 2020. In a country that has been dominated by cash-based transactions, this proliferation of Mobile Payments is now being driven by a number of factors such as increased internet penetration, increased rate of adoption from feature to smart phones, and the introduction of government policies such as Goods and Services Tax (GST), financial inclusion and Aadhar enabled payments are providing a strong technological ecosystem to support the industry. However, these opportunities are accompanied by an equal number of complexities concerning privacy, security, resilience and regulatory support systems that are still adapting. Acknowledging these challenges, Singapore headquartered Match Move Pay Pte. Ltd. leverages the opportunities in the digitization of cash to bring next-generation Mobile Payments and Banking solutions.

Since its inception in 2014, Match Move Pay has been focused on enabling companies to offer a secure mobile Banking Wallet OSTM solution to their customers, thereby increasing their revenue and user engagement. With its offices spread across the countries like India, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and the United States, Match Move brings its own proprietary Mobile Payments Solution with an objective to strengthen financial inclusion and the digitization of cash, through enabling 'Spend, Send and Lend', capabilities across developed and developing markets.

“Today, the maintenance, storage and movement of cash involve heavy costs, all of which can be eliminated with the digitization of cash,” opines Nitin Palande, Senior VP, Global Business Operations, MatchMove Pay.
“As the payment industry in India progresses, MatchMove brings these digitization capabilities through its platform to help our customers monetize their user base, gain an ancillary stream of revenue, gain access to their customers’ spending analytics, have the ability to personalize promotions and increase their customer base and retention,” adds Kumar Srinivasan, CEO of MatchMove India.

Nitin Palande, Senior VP

With a vision to enable organizations to provide their customers with a fully branded, secure mo-bile payments solution, MatchMove brings its proprietary Banking Wallet OS cloud-based platform ecosystem for better revenue generation. MatchMove’s platform is certified to be PCI-DSS compliant and its infrastructure is completely designed in Amazon Web Services state-of-the-art secure cloud servers and protected by Trend Micro’s Deep Security. The Banking Wallet OS equips its users with a number of features including P2P/P2M transfers, digital disbursements, tokenization, cross-border money transfers, top up channels, virtual/physical cards, loyalty points, rewards and promotional offers, to name a few. Through enabling ‘Banking as a Service’ as well as ‘Spend, Send and Lend’, capabilities within any app, the Banking Wallet OS enables B2B businesses and their customers and partners to spend online and across brick and mortar stores, send domestic or cross border remittances, and also lend based on the users’ spending and sending patterns. Having optimized digital payments across a number of verticals such as retail, e-commerce, logistics, financial services, gaming, travel & hospitality etc, MatchMove has now gained a stronghold in these domains. Leveraging this expertise, the company envisions global expansion and bringing more frictionless and speedy modes of payment, in the years to come.