OMA Emirates: Securely Digitizing Payment Methods

CIO Vendor With the influx of digital innovations, global payment land scape has been revamped substantially. Major advantages such as convenience and time saving are alluring everyone towards digital payment technologies; however, data security is of paramount importance to users, and even more to businesses. In such a scenario, only the companies that are capable of foreseeing market needs and can invest intensively in R&D for yielding technically advanced as well as secure payment technology solutions can stay distinctive. UAE headquartered OMA Emirates is one such company that has made a mark in the areas of Card Personalization, Payment Issuance and Payment Acquiring Systems. “OMA Emirates has been in the payment technology arena for the past 25 years. We offer a repertoire of more than 30 products across card personalization, printing and POS terminals. We are well-established not only in Middle East, but also in Africa, Eastern Europe and India,” says Niranj Sangal, Group CEO, OMA Emirates Group. The major beneficiaries of OMA Emirates' offerings are banking,retail, oil & gas, and telecom verticals.

OMA Emirates renders its technically advanced solutions with highest security. Apart from its solutions for Card Personalization, Payment Issuance and Payment Acquiring Systems, it offers traditional as well as Mobile POS. “We have a range of high performance smart terminals like the Touch series, the iSelf series for self-check outs and unattended payments, Biometric series for payment acceptance via biometric authentication,and ECR POS which includes a scanner, printer, cash register, cash drawer control and fiscal memory functionalities, to name a few,” shares Niranj.

With time, personalization has become a crucial component for the success of a smart card program. OMA Emirates'card personalization
solutions along with the MAXIMA series printers deliver first-rate card personalization quality while bolstering small and large scale card issuance. Most importantly, these cost-effective printers need less than 30 seconds for printing and they are an ideal solution for issuing Credit, Debit, Prepaid, Gift, and Discount cards. Actually, MAXIMA series equipment can work best in decentralized applications. Besides, for instant issuance or branch issuance requirements, OMA Emirates provides EMV NanoPerso Card personalization solutions that comply with strict EMV security and design standards. The company's close relationship with machine suppliers like Matica, NBS and CIM, aids it to offer comprehensive instant issuance solution to banks. Furthermore, its complete EMV certified system named CMS helps manage both issuing and acquiring functions for private and international banking cards including payment authorization, card and merchant functionalities, and account clearing and settlement.

While catering to card personalization solutions, OMA Emirates re-inforces post-issuance management of single and multiapplication smart cards. “For postissuance management of cards, we ensure high-level security through encryption, using key management schemes (Master Session, DUKPT and RTKS) and import data from the card management system through cryptography using SafeNet HSM,” adds Niranj.

OMA Emirates started its operations in India by acquiring and investing in Mobiswipe, a secure MPOS solution and aims to nourish digital payments in tier 2 and 3 cities.

A recent launch by OMA Emirates’ is Benefit Beyond - a new and unique multiloyalty program with a distinctive feature of allowing customers to use a common branded card across multiple stores and locations to accumulate and redeem points. The program has been designed to bring in a wide and diverse range of merchants under one umbrella and simultaneously help customers avail the benefits of a loyalty program across multiple channels, locations and retailers who are a part of Benefit Beyond.