OutoMate: Empowering Businesses with Secure Cloud- Based Smart Card Solution

CIO Vendor Even though in its nascent stage of smartcard implementation, India is displaying high potential for market penetration owing it Eto the quick economic growth and an escalation in the population density. However, this is a niche market with very few vendors that possess the required knowledge and meets the customer expectations with a complete end-to-end smart card solution. Additionally, the occurrence of data breaches is yet another challenge encountered that increases the nation’s inhibitions towards adopting this technology as compared to its global peers. Bridging this gap is Lucknow based Saptrishi Infosystems (P) Ltd, with their industry rich knowledge, offers their novel Cloud SmartCard Solution under the brand OutoMate.(www.OutoMate.com)

OutoMate, a software brand of Saptrishi, delivers the cloud-enabled solution whose key highlights are reliability, information security ensuring economic operations, administration, and control over cash payments, availability of real-time up to date information and high levels of security, to name a few.

Ensuring security in SmartCards and Tags Systems has been an eternal concern. Saptrishi has embedded security features in its Cards and Tags, like, Microtext and Encoding, which prevents misuse of Card or Tag information, also it has dual layer security in Software utilizing the Cards, thus ensuring that security remains intact even with a large volume of usage.

We have not had a data breach till date with more than a million transactions being carried out every year. We have been using this technology for the last ten years and we are yet to receive any complaints,” proudly informs Rishi Tandon, Director-Operations at Saptrishi Infosystems. Providing end-to-end solutions, the smart cards are manufactured in-house and the team oversees the complete front-end and back-end software operations where all the payments are processed as it is enabled with a payment collection system as well.
Deviating from off-the-shelf products concept, the company offers customized solutions that utilize different algorithms and offers dual technology cards like Ultra High Frequency(UHF)and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)or RFID and Contactless. Continually delivering cutting-edge solutions the company recently launched a livestock management system which is an animal tagging application based on long-distance RFID. This application assists in identifying even a 500 animal herd without individual targeting.

We have not had a data breach till date with more than a million transactions being carried out every year

Another innovative application developed by the company is the smart identification system for doctors across the state of UP. One of the first in India, the secured identification system is a platform where all the doctors, nurses and medical practitioners are there by increasing transparency assisting in fraud detection.

Offering innovative cloud enabled, RFID/Biometric capable, professional software solutions, web based applications and customized Software, some of the products available under the OutoMate brand is OutoMate Shiksha which is a SmartCard enabled Subscription based Solution for Schools, OutoMate On Time which isa Biometric & Smart Card based Attendance System, biometric enabled OutoMate VMS (Visitor Management Solution) and OutoMate Billing. With a user-friendly design, the billing software designed for any retail business offers hassle-free invoicing, comprehensive performance reports, impenetrable security is easily upgradable and highly customizable.

Having gained a strong foothold in this domain,the company continually endeavors to facilitate clients with top-notch and robust solutions and services and simultaneously expand their business operations in the future.