RNFI Services: Coupling Innovation with Convenient Mode of Transactions

CIO Vendor With the modernization of payment methods happening around, the world is currently passing the era, which will be remembered for the radical changes in the payments industry. Similar to other economies in the world, India witnesses a growth trajectory in its digital payments and is expected to be the growth engine for the same. Demonetization and therewith the cashless push have propelled the growth to stratospheric levels. Furthermore, with ever-increasing internet and smartphone user base in India, the digital payments industry is expected to explore new heights.

RNFI Services is currently one of the fastest-growing and profitable Fintech organizations in the B2B domain. The company provides an ultimate platform for distributors and retailers who provide online payment services. RNFI meets the futuristic digital and online financial solutions through a secure and convenient payment gateway that connects semi-urban and rural India to mainstream economic development.

Catering Value and Success
While briefing about the company's features and specialities, Ranveer Khyaliya, Founder & Director of RNFI Services, says that customization in the product has been a USP since its inception. Bringing the utmost focus on creating a niche product for its user base, RNFI has been offering optimal solutions as per the clients’ requirements. Many ask for solutions that are easy to use and configurable with their existing setup in the present scenario. While addressing such demands, the company also engages in equipping multiple products under a single roof.

“We are still aligned with the same ideology of delivering something unique in the market in terms of product and support. Nowadays it is a major aspect for users and clients while evaluating the plethora of options
available in the market,” expressed Ranveer Khyaliya, Founder & Director, RNFI Services.

RNFI bears a core team of 13-14 members tightly knitted and collectively ensures the company’s growth. It has members from non-payments domain and specialists from the same industry who impart product knowledge down the line, taking operations up a notch. RNFI believes in a flat organizational structure where everybody has the freedom to pitch ideas even to the top management.

RNFI is currently working on a few new projects in the payments and nonpayments domains that possibly create a significant stir in the market in the forthcoming days

The company, acting upon the leadership of Nitesh Sharma – Director & Founder, Kapil Chawla - Director, Simran Singh – CEO & Founder, and Raman Bhalla - COO & Founder, along with Ranveer, has flexed its business with multiple banks like ICICI, Fino Payments Bank, RBL, Paytm Payments Banks, and Airtel Payments Bank as a business correspondent for Aadhar Enabled Payment System & DMT Services. RNFI executes more or less 11Billion and 4 Billion monthly Gross Transaction Value in the AePS & DMT, respectively. The company has a backend solution built on state-of-the-art infrastructure and is capable of handling more than 25 billion worth transactions and a monthly 15 million transaction count.

As Ranveer Khyaliya says, RNFI is currently working on a few new projects in the payments and nonpayments domains that possibly create a significant stir in the market in the forthcoming days. He envisions raising the company as a neo bank on its own and provides innovative banking services to the blue collared and SMEs.